Architecture of the Blockade (12+)

St Petersburg: Preserved Culture, 2020
Duration 80 min
The Preserved Culture project presents a documentary film in Russian with English subtitles. The film tells about the disguise of Leningrad during the World War II. The heroes of this film are people of peaceful professions: architects, artists, engineers, Museum workers, climbers. They remained in Leningrad surrounded by enemies and saved its main buildings and monuments from destruction by aircraft and artillery.

The participants of the film are front-line soldiers and residents of the besieged city, their descendants and modern researchers: Doctor of Historical Sciences Nikita Lomagin, military historian Vyacheslav Mosunov, rector of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Archimandrite Alexander (Fedorov), besieged climber Mikhail Bobrov, sculptor Grigory Yastrebenetsky, architects Nikita Yavein and Oleg Yavein and others.
Idea, produced by Victor Naumov
Directed by Maxim Yakubson
Cinematographers: Georgy Porotov, Alexander Porotov
Sound Editor Sergey Sinyak
Assistants Sound Editor: Pavel Gorskikh, Daria Blagikh, Dmitry Vasiliev
Film Editor Alexander Ezhber
Computer graphics by Alexandra Komarova, Konstantin Gayokho
Coordinator Anna Asmolova
Translated by CinePromo

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